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short film from old pictures
Personal Gift from Photos

Personalized Slideshow From Pictures

Our creative team combines animation technology with lots of humour and creativity to turn your pictures into a short film. The result is not a slideshow but an animated film where it's you can select the main characters.

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Photos are excellent gifts both to give and get, as they are personal, unique, eternal and always great to look at. However, there are occasions when you want even more: a special anniversary or an important event in the family where a gift would leave everyone amazed and it would be remembered for years by family members, friends and the celebrated themselves. How would you like to see your old pictures spring to life and tell a thousand stories? Would you like to see a short film made from your old photos using modern digital technology?

Witch events are we recommmended for?

For BirthdayAnniversaries, especially the 40th 50th 60th 70th birthday celebrations
For WeddingWeddings, so that all the guests will be laughing and touched at the same time
Baby picturesA baby has been born! creative slideshow about the first year
For Anniversary picturesIf you just want to give something creative as a gift to your loved one


Prices and details

Our prices start at ~200 Euros. This enetering price means a short slideshow.
The exact price depends mostly on the duration.
About 14 photos are needed to make a one-minute film.
As our capacity is limited please contact us to inquire about the amount of time we need to create your personal slideshow. Sending an inquiry do not obligate you to anything. We will be glad to answer Your questions and get back to you with the exact price and all details.

Name E-mail Please tell us about the deadline:

Orban Gergely and Kristof founder of MISO frames
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